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Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Guide – The Basics

An Elementalist is in Guild Wars 2 a profession for those who want to play in the role of a mighty wizard. With the use of numerous spells, players can kill their foes and protect their allies.

The profession can be ideal for those who are fans of caster classes. Just like other classes can swap their weapons, an Elementalist can swap between different elements.

For instance, attunement can be changed at will, from an offensive one, based on fire, to an attunement based on water, for defense. Players can find more details in this Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Guide.

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How to Play

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist GuideElementalists can use four elements: fire for raw damage, air for movement and spike damage, water for support and healing and earth for support and defense. Every of the four elements can be good for a specific situation.

But, skills can be changed when weapons are switched. In fact, the skills of an Elementalist are determined by their current attunement (which can only be changed during combat) and their current weapon.

Players have the freedom to use attunements and weapons in any way they want and they can have their own playing style. There is no correct or wrong usage. The class can use other things in addition to attunement swapping, such as Auras, Arcane skills, Cantrips, Glyphs and Conjure skills. Elementalists are the ones who can create a bond with the forces of nature.


An Elementalist can be surrounded by auras, which are like magical shields. The player is enveloped by the auras and the enemy can be effected in the form of a status debuff.

Arcane skills 

Arcane skills are spells that players can cast instantly. The magical energy that is used for the spells is non-elemental. The skills can help the player to deal critical damage. There is one exception: Arcane Shield. All attacks from opponents can be stopped by the shield, which also explodes after it is hit three times.


Cantrips are meant for survival. With an instant cast, the player can be released from stun. The cast can help the player resist a long period of time on the battlefield.


Through glyphs, players can benefit from passive buffs, according to their current attunement. The skills of a player are improved. With the aid of glyphs, players can also call in elementals.

Conjure skills 

Weapons and other items that the class and its allies use are summoned with conjure skills. For every weapon, a skill bar is displayed.

The Equipment of an Elementalist

The armor worn by an Elementalist is light. Because of the ability to swap between different attunements, there is a limitation when it comes to carrying weapons. Five weapons can be equipped, but there are a total of twenty that come from attunements.

In the main hand, the class can carry scepters, staves and daggers. Focuses and daggers could be used in the off-hand. When the player equips a character, he/she must consider the desired role for that character.

A staff can be useful for places where there are many opponents. For a single target, daggers are ideal.

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The Traits of an Elementalist

Traits of an ElementalistTraits begin at level eleven and continue until the last level, which means one point can be allocated at every level. With every point spent, the attributes of a character are enhanced. One spent point means two added attributes, no matter if they are primary or secondary.

At each five allocated points, one minor or major trait is unlocked. Arcana, Air Magic, Water Magic, Fire Magic and Earth Magic are the five traits of an Elementalist.


Arcana provides better AoE attacks and improves all attunements and elements. One Concentration and two Intelligence can be gained with one point spent.

Air Magic

Makes improvements to critical hit, air element and swiftness. Each spent point is ten Precision and one percent Prowess.

Water Magic 

Gives better regeneration, water element and condition removal. With one point, players can obtain ten Compassion and ten Vitality.

Fire Magic

Ehances fire element and burning, but also grants might. Every point spent means ten Power and one percent Expertise.

Earth Magic 

Improves toughness, protection, signets and earth element. One point allocated means ten Toughness and ten Malice.